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I am a student of 10th Class and I want to take admission for 11th and 12th. Is there any preparation for NCERT and Board Exams?

Yes, our course material is developed accordingly. Special Board classes and subjective board tests are conducted.

As the percentage of Board results matters a lot in competition exams, what about the Board Class facility?

We offer dedicated Board classes focusing on extensive preparation for Board exams to ensure students can achieve the best possible results.

Do you provide any sample test papers also for the preparation?

Yes, we provide a variety of sample test papers that cover all necessary topics and formats to help students prepare thoroughly for their exams.

Will you communicate the results of Genesis to the parents?

Yes, all results and significant academic progress reports are regularly communicated to parents to keep them informed of their child's performance.

What will happen if the student misses a lecture? Can the course be covered in Revision Classes?

If a student misses a lecture, they can cover the missed material in scheduled revision classes designed to ensure all students are up-to-date.

How can parents know about the academic performance and test results of their wards?

Parents can access the academic performance and test results of their wards through our dedicated parent portal and regular progress reports.