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Amit Shekhar
Managing Director

Success is a Journey, Not a Destination
To lead in education by focusing on quality and credibility. Imagine there are two ways to share light: you can either be a candle or a mirror that shows the light of a candle. Education is about more than just learning subjects; it's about becoming a better person. We expect students not only to excel academically but also to be individuals of good values and strong personal character. At The Height Career Institute, we aim to provide top-notch training so students can succeed in all areas of life. Our teaching methods are well-tested and proven, ensuring students do well in major exams like JEE/Mains/Advance, AIIMS, NEET, and NDA. We've been successful at this for the past twelve years. I'd also like to thank the parents who trust us with their children’s education. Let's work together towards our goal to be the best among the best.

Amit Shekhar.
Amit shekhar